ML2 Training: Storybook Creator & App Development by Motion Light Lab
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What Will I Learn?

100% in ASL & Deaf made. Access to video lessons and materials to up your digital skills! Learn at your own pace on mobile or desktop before your in-person session scheduled at your designated location.

10 Topic Areas. Improve your digital skills through this program - the first one geared towards Deaf people, specifically in bilingual storybook app development. In our online modules, we will introduce you to essential topics, with industry experts. Discover how they execute visions into reality.

Become the next Trainer. Through our modules, roll up your sleeves and learn what's new and happening, download our sample files, and practice with them on assignments. Before you know it, you can be our next Trainer! 

Let's expand our Global Digital Library for the future of Deaf children!

What's included?


How to use Podia
Practice Downloading Files
136 KB
Practice quiz
Motion Light Lab
Motion Light Lab
Meet the Team
Visual Language and Visual Learning (VL2)
VL2 Research
VL2 Storybook Creator
VL2 Storybook Apps
Design of VL2 Storybook Apps
What is Literature?
ASL Literature
Children's Literature
Storytelling Techniques
Literature Quiz
The Creative Process
Six steps in creating your app
Story Creation
Story Development
Storyboard template.key
342 KB
Storyboard template.pptx
41.3 KB
Our Toolbox
Video Editing Software
Adobe Creative Cloud
Other Tools in our Toolbox
Art & Film Production Overview
Overview - Project Management
Digital Assets - Checklist
Art Production
Art Production
Digitizing Artwork
Art Mediums
Zero Artistic Talent Required
Photoshop Overview
Photoshop Practice Files
155 MB
Gingerbread Cookie Practice.psd
49.8 MB
Photoshop Tutorial
LIVE Photoshop Webinar
Art Production: Quiz
Film Production
Production Etiquette
FCP practice file
LIVE Final Cut Pro Webinar
Film Production: Quiz
Loading Video (App Startup)
After Effects Part 1
After Effects Part 2
AE Practice
11.5 MB
VL2 Storybook Creator
Getting Started
Gingerbread Sample by Yiqiao Wang -
154 MB
Working in Xcode with VL2 Storybook Creator
Preparing your assets
Understanding Folder Structure
Adding & Removing Pages
Adding & Removing Glossary Words
Inserting Text
Highlighting vocabulary
Gingerbread Cookie Xcode Practice
App Submission
Apple Developer Program
App Store Connect
Creating a New App
AppID - Bundle Identifiers
Provisioning Profiles
Creating App Screenshots
430 KB
App Submission - from Xcode
App Submission - Submit for Review
Submitting Updates/TestFlight for Beta Testing
Assignments Overview & Timeline
Assignment #1: Three story ideas
Assignment #2: Outline/Mapping your story #1
Assignment #3: Research and Develop a Design Board
Assignment #4: Storyboarding and Script Outline
Assignment #5: ASL Drafts
Assignment #6: Revise & Refine
Assignment #7: Art Production
Assignment #8: Film Production

ML2 Training: Storybook Creator & App Development

Enrollment is closed