National Training Program on Bilingual Storybook App Development by Motion Light Lab

Hello!!! We are proud to launch our new training program on storybook app development for emerging Deaf talents and educators. In this training program, we will teach you everything you need to know in creating bilingual storybook apps. We will introduce you to VL2 Storybook Creator, and all the ropes involved in app development: production, filming/editing, storyboarding, art, story, development, and submission. 

We are here to build a team of trainers who can support and train others on bilingual storybook app creation and development. This platform is where you will navigate through our training curriculum.  

Together, we will build our digital library of bilingual content to support literacy development of our Deaf children. 

We are offering training in various locations. The 2020 training is full, but you can pre-register to receive latest updates. We will open registration for 2021 in December 2020. 

You can pre-register to receive latest updates until we open registration again in December 2020 for Year 2021.

Thank you,
Motion Light Lab Team

This is made possible by the generous funding of Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation for our Merging Deaf Talent with 21st Century Digital Skill Sets Project. 


ASL Literacy Activities

In light of COVID-19, we are staying home and sharing our resources for children to use with our storybook apps.
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ML2 Training: Storybook Creator & App Development

Everything you need to build your own bilingual storybook app; from production to development using the VL2 Storybook Creator.
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